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from scratch. by hand. since 1988.

from scratch. by hand. since 1988.

THe Black Forest Then

Bruce & Martha Walters first opened the doors of the Black Forest Café & Bakery on November 25, 1988.  Early on, the Walters adopted a unique philosophy. All foods made at the Black Forest would be from scratch, by hand, using natural ingredients.  

Originally, the café & bakery was located in Salzburg Square, a quaint little shopping plaza located in Amherst, NH. The starting location of the café & bakery helped the owners, Martha and Bruce, determine the name of their restaurant, paying homage to the Square’s German heritage.

After 10 years, the Black Forest outgrew its Salzburg Square location and was in dire need of an expansion for dining, and a larger kitchen/bakery to accommodate their bakery and takeout meals.  Fortunately, the two found just the right location not too far away in Amherst on Route 101.

The Black Forest Today

Today, the Black Forest Café & Bakery has lots to offer our guests. The Dining Room is open daily and serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch,
offering great service, a "no gimmicks" atmosphere, great comfort foods, with local craft beers and carefully selected wines.

The Marketplace opens at 8am daily and has cafe seating for 20. It has an array of breakfast pastries, pies and cookies, plus coffee bar, cold drinks, lunch/dinner takeout menu (available during the Dining Room service) and a selection of cold sandwiches, salads and entrees for quick grab and go.

In addition, shop an eclectic selection of New Hampshire and New England made products, gifts, wines, chocolates and seasonal items. And The Function Room is a 45 seat party space located on our second floor.

New in 2010... The Wifi Spot

a 24 seat lounge located on our second floor, and open to folks ages 16 and up. The Wifi Spot offers additional tables and chairs, lots of great light and plenty of plugs. Food and drink purchased in the marketplace may be brought upstairs for a quieter visit, away from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace.

from scratch.  by hand.  since 1988.